Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is how we make your site ‘ready’ for when consumers search for your services on Google. What easier way to generate leads than to be there when customers are looking for you. SEO is necessary for all ambitious businesses and organizations looking to grow their online presence and reach more consumers.

How Can We Get Your Website On Top Of Google Search

We deloy a couple of methodology inorder to accomplish this task. Here is how we do it.

Site Audit

We will start by auditing your site and particularly your landing page and give you a performance score. If your site performs poorly, we will make the necessary corrections to make it optimized. Common issues to check for include crawlability, site performance and mobile friendliness.

Keyword Research

Next we jump to keyword research to find out which are the most relevant keywords consumers are searching for in your industry. These will guide us into how to tailor our content and webpages to suit consumers needs. Further insights from competitor research and costs per keyword will help us strategize and narrow down our list.

Content marketing campaign

After we have developed a keyword strategy, we will devour into an intensive content marketing campaign where we focus on creating, editing and distributing content that is tailored to your consumers needs.

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