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Who Are We

“ Meraki Apps is a marketing agency based in Tanzania. With one goal and that is helping businesses grow online. We raise your brand’s online presence. ”

A proper way to understand who is “ Meraki Apps ” really would be to first examine why we exist. What inciting incidence gave birth to this marketing agency. What problem are we actually trying to solve?

So Who Are We Really?

Well you see, Meraki Apps inception began with the realization that the internet is an under-utilized resource among most businesses in Tanzania. As marketing online was apparently reduced to creating a poorly designed website filled with irrelevant content or having no website at all. Social media acts as a platform for product announcements instead of establishing communities, and YouTube is populated with poorly designed and poorly edited videos.

This careless approach towards marketing is what gave birth to Meraki Apps. Our ability to solve these sets of problems is what one can say defines us. This is what makes “ Meraki Apps ”. Again if a brief description of who we are is required then it would have to be something like;

“ We aim to tackle an obstacle that every business on earth faces, and that is how do I let people know that I exist. ”

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